September 21 2008


It would be easy to assume with how much I talk about music, I must go to a ton of concerts, but sadly the opposite is true.

Living in a town of 17,000, and being the biggest town for a 90 mile radius, doesn’t lead to many bands coming to my little corner of the world.  My best shot is going to The Blue Note, a small venue 90 miles to the south in Columbia, MO, but at that point that makes me rely on just one venue for shows.

The last time they had anything worthwhile was KMFDM in October of 2006, and a mere three weeks later was Flogging Molly and then… nothing.  Sure, there were bands in between, but nothing even remotely interesting to me.  Luckily they’ve finally announced a show I want to see on November 18th of the Dropkick Murphys.

Then comes the other problem when there actually is a show I want to see… coordinating schedules!  With my team out on the road 26 weekends a year for AnimeUSA appearances at conventions, I have to make sure someone will be in the office for me to take off early for the drive down.  This is the first show I will go to since I joined up with Mashable, but it shouldn’t be a problem to get off there as I usually do an entire weeks worth of lists on the weekends.  Then I have to make sure there aren’t any family commitments… as you can see, going out for one evening turns into a major operation, so for me to go to a show, it has to be something I really want to see.  As I don’t think the Murphys has ever come through my area before, it’s worth my time to make sure I can get down to Columbia to see them.

There is also one final deciding factor in the shows I go to… the size of the veneue.  I long, long ago gave up on the big arena shows.  They are a huge pain in the behind, not that enjoyable, and so I try to keep my concert going to shows of only 3 – 4000 people, even less if I can swing it.  I’m not sure how many The Blue Note holds, but I wouldn’t guess more than 1500, so it makes me quite happy to see shows there.

In short… yay, I’m going to a concert again!

For those who aren’t familiar with the Dropkick Murphys, here’s one of my favorite songs, “The Dirty Glass”

And seeing as that is the only time they had Stephanie sing a song with them, here is a more recent example of their sound, “State Of Massachusetts”

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