September 28 2008

478-Carat Diamond Found In Africa

A 478-carat diamond was found in the Kingdom of Lesotho recently.

The diamond has been rated as a D color, the highest color grade possible in a white diamond, and it is said to have a flawless center.  After going through the cutting process they expect to yield a 100-carat round diamond.

Who cares?

I am sorry, but this is one of the aspects of the world I have never grasped.  Sure, there are some things diamonds can do such as drill bits and so on, but for their usual purpose as jewelry, I just don’t get it.  And it’s not just diamonds, but gems in general… you do all realize you’re getting excited but shiny rocks, right?

Now, I know I get excited about technology, but at least it does something for me.  Gold?  Well, gold is too soft to be usable as pretty much anything.  Silver?  Well, it makes a nice tea set.  It’s gem stones where I really do shake my head the most.  Shiny, shiny rocks, and there’s whole stores devoted to them!  Jewelry stores are about the equivialent of “rock stores” to me.

I understand it all goes back to peceived value, demand, rarity, etc, and if you think about just about anything in these terms, you’ll come up with a similar conclusion for any given item.  However… shiny, shiny rocks is just totally lost on me.

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