It’s episode 16… Scattercast is going through its rebellious teen years! Little bit of everything in this one folks! – I beg, again, for feedback on the podcast. – A brief history of my relationship with Halloween and the costume industry. – A very long winded rant about the state of horror films. Only three… read more

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This controversy over Cheryl Burke’s weight has officially become ridiculous. Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Louis van Amstel, two male dancers from Dancing With The Stars, have come out with quotes over the fact that Cheryl Burke put on five pounds this past summer.  Not only now is it Ms. Burke being targeted, but also the new… read more

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It’s official: David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who. I’m surprised to find I have never discussed my love of Doctor Who before on this blog, but it is true, I have been a fan of the series since the Tom Baker years in the late 1970s.  For those of you unfamiliar with the basic premise… read more

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Dear Hollywood, Okay, fine, I shook my head when you decided it was a good idea to let The CW start a new version of 90210.  I thought it was a bad judgement, but, hey, what do I know? As the show started up, I started joking with people that next we would be seeing… read more

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I have gone on and on about how hard it is for a movie to be considered profitable, but yet the top two films this weekend did it in their opening weekends.  What lesson is there here? High School Musical 3, the first of the popular franchise to be in theaters, has a reported production… read more

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I was looking through the recent traffic to my website, and it concerns me… People are looking up way too many pictures of Heath Ledger as the Joker. While I certainly have sung the praises of his performance in The Dark Knight,it doesn’t mean I’d dress up as him.  The number of searches I’m seeing… read more

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You know, it fascinates me how airlines and companies like UPS were so quick to adapt to the higher fuel prices this summer, but where are the cut backs now that fuel prices are dropping? Over the past few months I received numerous updates from UPS for my shipping software of new fuel surcharges.  We… read more

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It’s episode 15… by next week, Scattcast will be old enough to drive! Little bit of everything in this one folks! – I actually get political for a moment about campaign promises and how silly they are. – A very long winded rant about Internet Service Providers (ISPs), how they are ripping off American citizens,… read more

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While I am known for being harsh in movie reviews, one movie I have heaped endless hate on over the years is Dirty Dancing. Most bad movies are quickly forgotten.  You see them, you say, “Wow, what a trainwreck” and move along.  However, Dirty Dancing is one that has stuck in my mind for years… read more

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Remember back when I said Dr. Pepper had issued a challenge to Guns N’ Roses?  For those who don’t, the deal was that the soft drink company was offering a free Dr. Pepper to every person in the United States of America if Guns N’ Roses would release their long awaited album, “Chinese Democracy“, by… read more

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Yesterday Alex Carnevale over at io9 brought up a story about how some science fiction writers are calling for a boycott of the Borders chain of bookstores overthe fact the store had skipped ordering their book. As I have dug down deeper into the back story of what was going on, it makes even less… read more

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I’ve started using a new analytics program called Woopra that is fascinating.  As opposed to systems like Google Analytics that updates ever few hours, Woopra shows your stats in real time, and in far more detail. Well, one of the side effects of this is seeing in real time when people arrive at my site… read more

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