October 1 2008

The Superman House Has Been Saved!

Back on September 7th I made a post about Save The Superman House.

News was circulating that the house that an 11-year-old Jerry Siegel, along with his friend Joe Shuster, came up with what would become Supermanwas falling into complete disrepair.  An author named Brad Meltzer decided to set up a fund, Ordinary People Change The World, to raise funds to save the house where an American icon was born.

I am beyond thrilled to announce that their efforts raised $111,047 to date, and work is beginning on the house tomorrow, October 2nd, to make the necessary repairs.  The original goal was $50,000, but the extra funds will allow them to fix both the exterior and interior of the household.  The house currently is occupied by an elderly couple, but there is no word on what will happen to the house after they move or pass on.

While I have no clue if any of my readers contributed, I still must send a thank you out to the entire Internet.  This was, and is, a part of American history that should not have been neglected.  Kudos to each and every person out there that donated even a penny to this cause.  I know times are tough for most, there is no denying that, and to donate to cause such as this, something that could have easily been laughed off, means the world.

Thank you to each and every one of you for saving this landmark of American pop culture.

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