October 5 2008

Televsion Pitches That Drive Me Insane

I watch listen to a lot of TV as I do my writing, and the new onslaught of pitchmen and annoying products is just amazing.

Over there, to the right… do you see him?  Don’t look directly at Vince!  His crazy eyes have the power to hypnotize you into buying a ShamWOW! (“It’s made in Germany, and you know the Germans make the best stuff.”)  To call Vince annoying would be an understatement, but of course he doesn’t replace my least favorite TV huckster, Billy Mays.  Oh Billy, you’ve come so far, what with you now advertising Mighty Mendit.

So today I saw an ad for the latest in the never ending stream of junk that gets thrown at us via TV ads: The Snuggie.  What grabbed my attention that, besides this looking like the robe for some unknown cult, it came with a folding book light.


What does a folding booklight have to do with a flannel cult robe?  So, being a curious sort, I headed over to their website, and no real clues as to the connection between the two items, but I decided to explore the site some, and discovered the horrifying truth… the same company is behind the ShamWOW!, Mighty Mendit, Mighty Putty (also hawked by Billy Mays), a few others, and my absolute favorite… the Pancake Puff.

What is wrong with normal flat pancakes?  Essentially you are making donought holes, call them donought holes!  And stuffing a “pancake” with pizza filling?!?  You really have to wonder who comes up with these things.

I think I am most shocked to discover they didn’t make the Handy Switch, I wonder how that one got away from them!  As I asked in my post about the remote light switch wonder, I really do wonder how orders these things.  If you read this, and you have bought any one of these items I’ve mentioned, or even one I haven’t, please explain to me and my readers why you bought it, and did it live up to your expectations?  That is the one thing I have always heard that they don’t so that is what causes a lot of my confusion.

Here is your chance folks, go down to the comments and let loose with your thoughts on anything you have ever bought from a TV ad!  I really am curious to hear from real people that have bought any of these items or the like.

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