October 9 2008

Guns N Roses Set To Finally Release ‘Chinese Democracy’… yeah, right

Guns N\' RosesMark your calendar boys and girls, but it appears Guns N’ Roses may finally be releasing the eleven-years-in-the-making album, “Chinese Democracy”… only at Best Buy.

Er… okay… that’s… well, odd.

Wouldn’t you think if you had been working on an album for 11 years, you would want it available everywhere possible?  Take me for instance, I’m not sure I even want the stupid album at this point, but the closest Best Buy to me is 90 miles away.  True, I can always order it from their online store, but that isn’t even the point, you are limiting your potential customer base and sales to one outlet.  The winner in this instance is Best Buy, certainly not Guns N’ Roses in the long run.

Now, here comes an even more interesting aspect to this entire thing in that Dr. Pepper, the soda company, may be giing away a whole lot of free soda.  Back in March they issued a challange to Axl Rose, the only remaining member of the original band, to issue the album by the end of the year, and if they did, they would give every person in the United States a free can of Dr. Pepper. Tony Jacobs, VP of marketing Dr. Pepper, told Billboard, “We’re waiting to hear about ‘Chinese Democracy’ just like all the other GNR fans, but if the rumors are true, we’re putting the Dr Pepper on ice.”

Hate to say it, but I’m betting on Dr. Pepper not having to give any soda away.  And as for the actual album… eh, I need to hear some tracks before I plunk down any money with Best Buy for the album.  Good luck Axl, I think you and your ego are going to need it.

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