October 16 2008

HBO DVD Marketing Is A Bunch Of… A Not Very Nice Word

I’ve just about had it with HBO and their DVD shenanigans.

I’ve talked before about my love of The Wire, and I have picked up the DVD sets as they came out.  Before season 5 premiered, they ran three prequel stories that took place well before season 1 on Amazon.  These were not included on the season 5 set, but they will be in the complete series set… meaning those of us who supported the series for 5 years don’t get the spiffy extra.

I was a huge, INSANE fan of Deadwood.  I think it is quite possibly the three greatest seasons of television ever aired, but it was sadly cut short without any resolution to a few story lines.  HBO promised that they would produce two 2-hour movies that would finish it off, but those have yet to happen.  Now the complete series set is coming out, and, again, I have supported the show as each season was released.  As I am sure you guessed, the complete series will have some extras I don’t have, and normally I survive without them, but this time I am furious.  One of the extras will be a n interview with the creator of the series about what happened after the end of season 3 and what would have happened to each character.

… say what?

Not only did HBO cancel the series due to budget concerns, leaving us without a resolution, then they broke the promise of the movies.  Now they top all of this off by shoving a knife into my heart by saying that by my supporting the series all this time, I don’t get to know what happened to the characters.

Never mind the fact HBO charges far more for their DVDs than standard television sets, so we aren’t talking a $20 a season or anything.  Do they really think I am willing to pay twice for what will end up being a few minutes of footage?  Sorry, but it’s not going to happen no matter how much I would like to see it.

Sure the information will make its way online, but it is the principle of the matter.  Why does the fact that someone waits to buy the complete set at the end of the run gets what amounts to the ultimate reward ofor Deadwood fans, but those who supported all along get nothing?  Not only that, but they’re paying less than the person who supported the individual sets!  Currently if you go on Amazon, the three seperate sets would run you $159.99, but the complete series set is preordering for $125.99.  So, come in late, pay less, and you get the spiffy reward?  How does this make any sense?

The simple solution, and the one I’m sticking to, is that I’m done with HBO DVDs.  They have done nothing but spit on their long time fans series after series.  The Wire thing is almost excusable, but I can’t forgive them for the Deadwood situation.  No True Blood DVDs for me… no Entourage… all shows I love, but clearly HBO really doesn’t care about my support, so why should I really bother?

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