October 19 2008

Once Again, People Don’t Get Comedy

The amount of people in this world who don’t get comedy is beginning to frighten me.

James Gunn, a writer/director/actor, has started a web series entitled PG Porn with his brothers, Sean and Brian, which is all about copying the porn movies of the 1980’s, but without the sex.  Yes, you read that correctly, there is no sex in the series.  It stars real life porn actresses Aria Giovanni, Belladonna and Sasha Grey with mainstream actors Nathan Fillion and Michael Rosenbaum.  Each short film is constructed to be like a 1980’s porn film, just minus the sex so you can concentrate on the riveting stories.  If the first episode is anything to go by, they will end badly… just see for your self.  (Please note there is NO nudity or sex in this clip, but it does feature some rocking porn-style music… if the embed is not working, go here, it keeps going down for some reason.)

While I personally found this highly amusing, it seems that Theresa Darklady Reed of the Huffington Post didn’t.  Ms. Reed calls it “…another example of violent misogyny self-righteously disguised as humor” and “The Gunn brothers apparently consider violence against women to be not just acceptable but sexy…”.  While Ms. Reed claims to “get” the joke, it is fairly obvious she doesn’t.  James Gunn has defended his series against this argument and informed readers of his MySpace blog that in future episodes there are more deaths, but they aren’t always the women.

This is another case like the recent situation of Paramount having no sense of humor about South Park or a couple getting angry over being featured ina  Saturday Night Live sketch.  In no way did I take this little film to be a case of “misogyny” or violence against women.  The Gunn’s have gone on record as saying how this would also technically be rated as PG if it was a film because Hollywood is far more relaxed on violence than it is on sex.  I would also say that for this to be considered an a case of violence against women, it would have had to be intentional on the part of the construction worker as opposed to what was obviously meant to be taken as an accident.

Did he shoot her in the head with the nail gun out of anger?  No.  Did he show remorse afterwords?  Yes.  Would a cop arrest him for manslaughter as opposed to murder?  Yes.  Was it an accident?  Yes.

Why is everyone taking comedy so seriously all of a sudden?It is meant in humor, it is obviously humor, sure it may not be for you, but does that mean you have to try to make it into something it isn’t?  If this was a case of “misogyny”, does this mean women are completely off to being made fun of now?  Does every female character in every story now have to live no matter what?  Apparently so since women dying, even by accident, is now considered an endoresement of violence against women.

… I think my head hurts now.

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