October 20 2008

People Searching

I’ve started using a new analytics program called Woopra that is fascinating.  As opposed to systems like Google Analytics that updates ever few hours, Woopra shows your stats in real time, and in far more detail.

Well, one of the side effects of this is seeing in real time when people arrive at my site after having done on a Google search on my name.  I imagine this is something that happens with working at a well known site like Mashable, but sometimes you just have to kinda go, “What did I do, and why is this person looking for me?”

Call it being a nervous ninny if you must, and I know it is part of leaving such a connected life, but it’s still kinda creepy feeling some times!  (And if you just surfed in from searching on my name… -waves-)

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  • You get creepy feeling :P well, honestly no one is looking for you for something bad you may have done. All search for your name because you are doing good things on the internet :) so rather enjoy these moments :)