October 25 2008

Fuel Surcharges

You know, it fascinates me how airlines and companies like UPS were so quick to adapt to the higher fuel prices this summer, but where are the cut backs now that fuel prices are dropping?

Over the past few months I received numerous updates from UPS for my shipping software of new fuel surcharges.  We were getting one or two of these weeks, tacking on more expenses to our shipping costs, raising them to unheard of levels.

In a more common every day effect on people, airlines have been doing the same.  Fuel surcharges have been added to tickets, not to mention that some airlines are now charging you for checked luggage, which was also supposedly due to the rising cost of gas.

So, prices have plummeted, oil futures are even lower… where are the cut backs?  All of these companies were extremely quick to raise their prices, but I sure don’t see them doing the reverse.  With the economy dropping, don’t you think you might want to encourage people to travel more and do more online shopping?  Or, could it possibly be that these companies used this as an excuse to raise prices and it had no real connection to what was going on with gas?

Nah, it could NEVER be that… could it?

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