October 28 2008

The CW Preps A New Melrose Place

Dear Hollywood,

Okay, fine, I shook my head when you decided it was a good idea to let The CW start a new version of 90210.  I thought it was a bad judgement, but, hey, what do I know?

As the show started up, I started joking with people that next we would be seeing a remake of Melrose Place.

Me and my stupid mouth.

So you’re allowing The CW to do this, Hollywood?  Is it really time to start pumping the well for bad 1990’s shows?  Is Doogie Howser M.D. next?  How about Saved By The Bell?  I mean, if we’re just going to give up anything resembling an original idea any more and just go back to the well to revamp old ideas, may I suggest a revisit to My Mother, The Car?  Hey, it was a classic example of bad television, so why not just cut to the chase and get that one ramped up for next fall.

Where did we go wrong, Hollywood?  You used to give me passable entertainment, but not you just keep smacking me with tripe… and I keep coming back.  We have to get over our co-dependence, Hollywood, this isn’t healthy for either of us.  Consider this your introvention, you need help, I want you healthy again!

Please, Hollywood… take that first step, get help.  I look forward to the step where you make amends with those you’ve hurt… America is wating for the step, and remaking Melrose Place isn’t the way to do it.

Still love you,

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