October 29 2008

David Tennant To Leave Doctor Who

It’s official: David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who.

I’m surprised to find I have never discussed my love of Doctor Who before on this blog, but it is true, I have been a fan of the series since the Tom Baker years in the late 1970s.  For those of you unfamiliar with the basic premise of the British series, the Doctor (they have never revealed his name) is a rogue Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.  He travels through space and time in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) that looks like an old English police call box.  Through out the years he has had many companions that travel with him, but the only constants are the Doctor and his TARDIS.

One thing about the series that has allowed it to run for decades is that Time Lords are able to regenerate.  At the time of their death, they focus energy and they can regenerate into an entirely new body.  They retain all of their memories and knowledge, but their personality and quirks change, along with their signature outfits.  In other words, it is an easy way for a show to run for years with different actors in the same part.

After a lengthy break, the show returned a few years back with Christopher Eccleston in the part, whom I quickly dubbed the best Doctor yet.  He left after only one season and was replaced by David Tennant whom I quickly warmed up to, and liked for totally different reasons.

Now the news has come that after the four special episodes to air in 2009, Mr. Tennant will be leaving the series.  Who will replace him is unknown at this time, but this has become a huge media storm in England every time they get ready to switch the actors out.  I will give the new actor a fair chance, just like I have every other person to play the role, but it isgoing to be pretty difficult to fill Tennant’s Converse All Stars.  (luckily the new Doctor will be in the previous Doctor’s outfits briefly until he has time to hop in the TARDIS and change)

So, bring on a year of speculation as we wait for the 2010 debut of the new actor to pick up the part.  Oh this is going to be painful to wait through.

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