My anger at the Walmart situation from Friday is getting worse. As if the actual incident wasn’t bad enough, more details are emerging of how people went on to purchase televisions as Jdimytai Damourlaid in the entry way, presumably already dead.  No one stopped shopping until the Nassau County Police shut down the store as… read more

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In what is becoming an annual list, I’m going to share the holiday programming I enjoy every year.  However, I am changing the format a bit this year with ones I think everyone should own on DVD, and then following it up with a list of what is airing in the month of December, and… read more

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Black Friday needs to be ended as we know it, and it needs to happen immediately. This morning in Long Island, NY, a 34-year-old overnight stock clerk was trampled to death as he attempted to assist in holding back the crowds.  According to reports from the Daily News, the crush was powerful enough that the… read more

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I did not intend to skip doing the show this week, but since I can not currently breathe through my nose, and the pressure in my head makes it near impossible to swallow, talking for a half hour on a podcast isn’t going to work well. So, sorry to all 10 or 11 of you… read more



November 27 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Remember the picture of my dinner from last Thanksgiving?  Pretty wasn’t it?  I was going to share a picture again, but 2 hours after finishing our dinners… we’re still waiting on the turkey to be done. Now mind you this is not the fault of anyone here, it is the fault of we got a… read more

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***MAJOR SPOILERS***… read more

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November 25 2008

An Era Is About To End

Remember getting up on Saturday morning to watch cartoons?  Well, that’s quickly coming to an end. In January, Fox will end its contract with the 4Kids cartoon block, which will then move over to The CW.  Considering the health of that “network” (I use the term very loosely), this is pretty much the death throes… read more

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One of my hard rules on this blog since I started was no serious discussions of religion… with the exception of Scientologists.  Well, welcome to me breaking that rule. I have not attended church with the exception of weddings and funerals since December of 1985.  I remember that so clearly because it was Christmas Eve… read more

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With another year under their belt, why does Blu-ray still seem to be another “also ran” in the home media market? It was one year ago today that I announced that I had decided to go with HD-DVD, and I knew full well that probably meant I had picked the wrong format in the high… read more

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Those of you have read this blog for any amount of time, you know I think Arrested Development was one of the finest shows to ever grace television airwaves, and now it may be gracing the silver screen also. The series ran for three seasons on Fox, and was possibly one of the most well… read more

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It’s episode 19… Scattercast is rushing fraternities in college! – First things first, I apologize for the clicky noises, I was having technical issues while recording. – Some thoughts on the new Guns N’ Roses album. – Is there different types of life through out the universe on planets with different make ups than Earth?… read more

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November 21 2008

Pushing Daisies

One of my favorite television shows of the past few years has met with cancellation. Pushing Daisies was one of those shows I pretty much knew from the moment it was announced it would end up getting the ax.  The only reason it probably made it to the second season was because the first season… read more


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