November 2 2008

Standard Time Again

Okay, I’ve complained about standard time before, but this really does annoy me each year when it rolls around.

I did finally learn why we have daylight savings time, and it still makes no sense why we are using it.  It was begun to give farmers more daylight in which to farm.  This makes me ask two questions:

  1. Why does it matter if the hour is at the beginning or end of the day?
  2. We are no longer an ecological based economy, so why are we still using an antiquated timing system that was created for it?

Not all of the world uses Daylight Savings Time (DST), so it makes no sense why we keep it.  Just like our rejection of the metric system makes us an odd ball in the world, so does this.  It is almost like we feel a need to go, “Well, we’re the USA and we simply can not do things the way the rest of the world does it!”

Sure, even without standard time, we would be getting dark earlier, but not quite as early.  Most people get off work at 5 PM in the USA, why make them drive home in the dark?  Also most people run errands after work, again, why make them do it in the dark?  It has also been proven that later sunlight means less energy usage, and that is why we moved the “fall back” and “spring forward” dates around so we could extend the sunlight hours for the majority of the year.  Okay, here’s a wacky idea… it will shock some, but… how about we just go to DST year round?

I know… crazy talk.

I honestly can not for the life of me figure out what the benefits are to doing this any more.  If anything, it seems to hurt far more than it helps at this point.  never mind there are reductions in vehicular accidents and violent crime rates during DST, but let us ignore all the benefits and keep going with this time changing insanity that makes no sense.  Really, please, keep us all in the dark about it! (pun intended)

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