November 9 2008

Sometimes Search Traffic Frightens Me

After going through the search engine traffic that brings people to this blog, I suddenly feel like I need a shower.

Not long ago I blogged about how it creeped me out when people search on my name, but now I have found something even worse: people searching for 15-year-olds having sex.

Back on October 12th, I wrote a post about how a 15-year-old girl may have to register as a sex offender for taking naked pictures of herself.  The story in and of itself was innocent enough, I didn’t write it in a salacious manner to be sure, but now it is causing people who search for things such as “photo sex Girl school 15 years” and “15 old sex” to find my blog.  Mind you those two results are in my logs for just the five hours prior to me writing this entry.  It is turning in to a daily occurrence since I wrote that post.

A lot of these searches come from countries other than the United States, and I understand morality and ages of consent are different all over the world, but it is still disturbing to me that so many people go out looking for such things.  While I can’t see who these people are, they should still know that there are records being kept of their searches somewhere in the world.

Yes, I realize this post will probably bring in more people doing these searches, and that’s fine because I would rather they know that site owners can see what they’re searching for.  Although I would love to knwo why they are searching so specifically for the age of 15… wait, scratch that, I would rather not talk with these folks at all.

Now, excuse me, I must go scrub my eyeballs after looking at my search traffic.

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