November 11 2008

Meet Mulford: Help Me Guess My Cat’s Age And Breed!

UPDATE: We changed his name to McKinley… he’s a Bi-color (what a breed name)… and he’s under 1 year old. He’s had his shots now, and next is the snip-snip. Oh, and his favorite place to nap is on my chest when I am leaning back at my work computer… makes typing an adventure!

While I am still a die hard dog person, I find myself now living with a cat.  Meet Mulford.

Back in July I wrote about flooding a few miles from my house, well, that’s where Mulford came out of.  Someone who was staying on our property at the time as a guest went over to look at the flooding, and found a black and white cat walking around the Mullanix Ford (MULlanix FORD… yeah, I didn’t name him) dealership, and as he was obviously a stray, brought them back to our property.

Well, when said guest went to leave, it turned out he was going to be able to keep Mulford, so we agreed to let him live on the property.  We unfortunately can’t let him in my house due to my dogs, and my Grandmother is 86, so too much chance of Mulford tripping her in her house, so it looks like Mulford will be living in our business (which is not open to the public) for at least the winter months.  Don’t worry folks, it’s heated and 3,000 square feet, he’s not going to be exactly cramped.

However, here is why I post this: we have no clue how old Mulford is or what breed he is.  We believe he is under a year old (this picture was taken on Friday November 7th, 2008), and while we know we won’t be able to pin down his exact age, we would like to at least be approximate.  As for breed, we are clueless.  Anyone that has any guesses to either peice of data, please leave a comment or drop me an email.

I doubt this helps anyone, but he is an extreme talker, I swear he has an opinion on everything.  Very fast, extremely playful, loves rolling on his back… I know these bits probably don’t help, but they might be breed traits for all I know, I haven’t had a cat in about 28 years.

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