November 12 2008

JJ Abrams Unveils The New Enterprise From Star Trek

A while back, I ran an image that was rumored to be the new Enterprise from the next Star Trek film.  That image has now been proven false by the above image that is the first official photo of the new ship.

Can we go back to the fake one?

The new image comes from Entertainment Weekly, so there is no denying it is the real thing.  While it does hold the basic shape of the original Enterprise, it is just too slick.  Take the pylon the saucer section rests on as an example.  It is set too far back on the secondary hull and appears too “sweepish” for my tastes.  It has an almost “organic” feel to it like the neck and secondary hull are fused together.  The design of prcious ships has always been a bit more “bolted on” in feeling.

I don’t even know where to start with the warp nacelles.  They look like they have air intakes like jet engines for crying out loud!  However, it fits with the image we’ve seen of the Enterprise bridge.

This image was released on MTV a few months back (you can click it for a larger view), and my first reaction was, “Huh… apparently Apple runs Starfleet.”  It looks like if the camera continued to pan to the right, we would see all of the crew is raptly listening to Steve Jobs give a keynote address.  This appears to be the same design mantra that was applied to the outside of the ship.

As you can see from the picture, the same basic structure of the uniforms was kept (Kirk is all in black due to something in the plot), but their surroundings have been completely changed.  Something that a lot of people don’t get about science fiction is that fans tend to form an emotional bond with the ships of the series, and they reach a level of being a character onto themselves.  Think about the Millenium Falcon in Star Wars, didn’t you feel like it was as much of the core group of characters as any of the living actors?  When Serenity crashed in Serenity, spinning down the runway, her engines being torn off, didn’t you go “aw”?  And in Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home, when that shuttle lifts over the Excelsior, and your see the Enterprise-A sitting there, didn’t it feel like an old friend had come back to life?

I don’t get why the uniforms were kept so true to the original, but the Enterprise gets a complete refit.  It makes me feel like JJ Abrams doesn’t get the die hard fans, and that says to me that he doesn’t get the heart of the property in general.  I honestly hope the movie is decent, but he is messing with icons here, sure, leave your mark on them, but at least make them feel somewhat similar to what we all grew up loving.

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