November 12 2008

JJ Abrams Unveils The New Enterprise From Star Trek

A while back, I ran an image that was rumored to be the new Enterprise from the next Star Trek film.  That image has now been proven false by the above image that is the first official photo of the new ship.

Can we go back to the fake one?

The new image comes from Entertainment Weekly, so there is no denying it is the real thing.  While it does hold the basic shape of the original Enterprise, it is just too slick.  Take the pylon the saucer section rests on as an example.  It is set too far back on the secondary hull and appears too “sweepish” for my tastes.  It has an almost “organic” feel to it like the neck and secondary hull are fused together.  The design of prcious ships has always been a bit more “bolted on” in feeling.

I don’t even know where to start with the warp nacelles.  They look like they have air intakes like jet engines for crying out loud!  However, it fits with the image we’ve seen of the Enterprise bridge.

This image was released on MTV a few months back (you can click it for a larger view), and my first reaction was, “Huh… apparently Apple runs Starfleet.”  It looks like if the camera continued to pan to the right, we would see all of the crew is raptly listening to Steve Jobs give a keynote address.  This appears to be the same design mantra that was applied to the outside of the ship.

As you can see from the picture, the same basic structure of the uniforms was kept (Kirk is all in black due to something in the plot), but their surroundings have been completely changed.  Something that a lot of people don’t get about science fiction is that fans tend to form an emotional bond with the ships of the series, and they reach a level of being a character onto themselves.  Think about the Millenium Falcon in Star Wars, didn’t you feel like it was as much of the core group of characters as any of the living actors?  When Serenity crashed in Serenity, spinning down the runway, her engines being torn off, didn’t you go “aw”?  And in Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home, when that shuttle lifts over the Excelsior, and your see the Enterprise-A sitting there, didn’t it feel like an old friend had come back to life?

I don’t get why the uniforms were kept so true to the original, but the Enterprise gets a complete refit.  It makes me feel like JJ Abrams doesn’t get the die hard fans, and that says to me that he doesn’t get the heart of the property in general.  I honestly hope the movie is decent, but he is messing with icons here, sure, leave your mark on them, but at least make them feel somewhat similar to what we all grew up loving.

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  • Jo

    I’m not even thrilled about another doomed Star Trek snip off (sigh). But I like the look of the bridge :D

  • Bozz

    Being a trek fan myself I have to say that I miss the original, but on the other hand I see what Abrams was up to. Movies these days keep trying to have that "more realistic" feel. Our tech now is far more easier on the eyes then the look of the supposed "future" in the original series. Abrams is showing the future to be more believable to our present view on tech. In my opinion, nice job on the refit.

  • ern

    I don't know, man, this Enterprise looks astoundingly retro compared to the more recent curvy Enterprises. This Enterprise has a distinctly 1960s vibe with the curves, but manages not to look dated at the same time. I'm not a "die hard" fan, I guess, but I very much like this new Enterprise.

  • suomynonA

    This is probably one of the bigger pieces of fanwankery that I've seen on the internet in a long time. The levels of hyperbole are astounding: "I don't even know where to begin", "JJ Abrams doesn't get the die hard fans", "messing with icons", "They look like they have air intakes like jet engines for crying out loud!" (that one's my favorite. "Salt monster?! It looks like a man in a rubber suit for crying out loud!")

    I'll tell you why Star Trek was good: it was innovative. It was something fresh, something new. Roddenberry opened up a whole new world. Why don't you give Abrams a chance before you start complaining about something that isn't even done yet?

    Oh yes, that's right. Then you wouldn't be a "fan". "You can tell I'm the biggest fan because I hate it the most."

  • Kaptain Cirk

    Good. The crappy design will match the crappy premise and soft-boiled sci-fi principles which have haunted the entire series since the 60’s. It started with goofy large-breasted green-skinned sex toys rather than serious characters, then moved on to inside jokes and self-referencing plot lines that descended from mere B-grade sci-fi pornography to 25th, then 30th and even 40th anniversary circle-jerks reminiscing the good old days of b-grade pornography. Maybe if this movie betrays the die-hard fans enough, Hollywood will finally realize that there is better Sci-Fi out there and make some of THAT, rather than remaking one of the worst travesties to befall Fantasy in all its long history.

    • I have to agree the entire Star Trek saga have been like "Sci-Fi Lite", but it is difficult to argue that it didn't bring a lot of people in to the genre, and on to better works.

  • I'm basing my opinions on 1) the fact that he is taking something iconic and messing with it because he is currently a "big name" in Hollywood and 2) his existing body of work. LOST? "Well, if we just keep throwing random ideas at people, we'll see which they like and go with that!" Cloverfield? "Lets drive the audience crazy with hints as to what the story will be about, and then show them that all of that had absolutely nothing to do with the final product. And, oh, make sure the title of the film makes absolutely no sense."

    I've given Abrams' his chances, he's exhausted them with me.

  • You're a Faggot


    • Wow… I… wow… how can I ever thank you enough for showing me the error of my ways?!? An anonymous commenter tells me stop being a nerd, and it's like the Heavens have opened up, and I have been shown the light!

      At least I have the guts to sign my name to everything I write.

  • Arkanoid

    I'll never understand people's need to pick apart a series and make it so serious. Honestly, I don't consider myself a rabid fan, but I have at least seen most of the original ST episodes, and most of the movies through the current gen. stuff. Stop making such an issue out of the dang minutiae and have fun. Sheesh. What does it really matter if the Enterprise is a little too swoopy, or organic, or not retro enough? That's subjective. Watch movie, have fun, judge movie after seeing. If you could do a better job with this project they'd have hired you to do it anyway.

  • badbhoy

    Why do I hear the voice of comic book guy from the Simpson when I read your comments?

    • Because you couldn't think of a less obvious and cliche comment? I kid, I kid.

  • Morley

    The new ship and the new look isn't what's wrong with this picture…someone forgot that all the characters are supposed to be different ages. All of a sudden they're all twenty-somethings that graduated from Starfleet academy at the same time. What about Capt. Christopher Pike and Capt. Robert April? They were the first commanding officers of the Enterprise. Spock is at least 30 years older than everybody else at this point Chekov should be in Grade 6. I Just think if you're going to continue a franchise with this much history you could at least respect the timelines involved. J.J… suck