November 21 2008

Pushing Daisies

One of my favorite television shows of the past few years has met with cancellation.

Pushing Daisies was one of those shows I pretty much knew from the moment it was announced it would end up getting the ax.  The only reason it probably made it to the second season was because the first season got cut short by the writer’s strike last fall.  While that was probably the reason the show got to season 2, it is also probably what made it lose viewers when it came back this year.

For those who never gave it a try, now that you know it won’t have many episodes, I highly recommend you give it a shot as a DVD rental.  It was highly imaginative, well acted, beautifully shot and just a lot of fun to watch.

If you’re curious as to what it was about, Ned (Lee Pace) discovered at a young age that he could resurrect the dead, but this power came with a price.  Anytime he brought something back for longer than 60-seconds, something else had to die to replace it, but the resurrected item would stay alive until he touched it again.  This led to the oddest relationship between a master and his childhood dog, but that was part of the charm of the show.  Later in life, the first girl Ned ever kissed was murdered while on a cruise ship, and when he resurrected her to discover who had killed her, he couldn’t bring himself to cut her off at 60-seconds…

The show was far more complex and deep than just that brief paragraph, but I loved every second of the show.  So, like I said, treat yourself to a DVD rental and check it out, or you can see episodes on the ABC site.

So long Ned, Chuck, Emerson, Olive, Vivian, Lilian and the Narrator, I’ll miss you.

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