November 27 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Remember the picture of my dinner from last Thanksgiving?  Pretty wasn’t it?  I was going to share a picture again, but 2 hours after finishing our dinners… we’re still waiting on the turkey to be done.

Now mind you this is not the fault of anyone here, it is the fault of we got a new convection oven this year, which is supposed to cook faster… well… yeah, about that… um… yeah, not so much.

So the turkey looked to be done when the rest of dinner was ready, but once we cut into it, it wasn’t, so we ate all the fixings… just not the turkey.  While disappointing, it wasn’t a deal breaker.  Oh well, just that many more turkey leftovers… bring on the turkey goulash!

Otherwise, sinus problems made my day miserable, but the rest of dinner was excellent.  mmmm stuffing and gravy…

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