November 28 2008

It’s Time To End Black Friday As We Know It

Black Friday needs to be ended as we know it, and it needs to happen immediately.

This morning in Long Island, NY, a 34-year-old overnight stock clerk was trampled to death as he attempted to assist in holding back the crowds.  According to reports from the Daily News, the crush was powerful enough that the doors were knocked from their hinges, and the clerk was knocked to the floor and crushed to death.

A later report from the Post Chronicle lists that a pregnant woman was knocked to the ground and later miscarried at a local hospital from the trauma.

I’ve done the Black Friday sales in the past, but I’ve given them up because 1) my sleep matter more to me than saving a few dollars and 2) I didn’t enjoy the antics of the other shoppers.  More and more companies are taking their Black Friday sales online, and I am at the point that if it isn’t online, I don’t really know if I need it.

Do I think Black Friday sales will end?  No, they won’t, but precautions are going to have to be taken to prevent situations like this.  Looking at the Walmart, it appears to not be one of their 24/7 stores, and that probably added to the problem, but whatever caused it, it was wrong.  Some reports I saw through out the day said that a few people stopped to check things out once paramedics were trying to save the man, but otherwise people were too focused on their cheap TVs and $1.50 towels to be worried about the man they were trampling over or was laying there in pain as time passed.

Friends of mine worry about the fact I rarely leave my property unless I absolutely have to.  Tell me why I should?  People worry about the fact I like to do my grocery shopping at 12 or 1 AM.  Fewer people, folks, why should I go during the day?  We’ve all seen my feelings about grocery shopping etiquette.  I don’t want to turn in to a hermit to be honest, but can someone tell me what motivation there is to go out in to public with people that will crush a man to get a cheap TV?

Mankind never ceases to amaze me.  My deepest condolonces to this man’s family and to the woman who had her miscarriage.  To those who trampled and crushed forward… I have no words for you.

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