November 30 2008

Send In The Walmart Black Friday Vultures

My anger at the Walmart situation from Friday is getting worse.

As if the actual incident wasn’t bad enough, more details are emerging of how people went on to purchase televisions as Jdimytai Damourlaid in the entry way, presumably already dead.  No one stopped shopping until the Nassau County Police shut down the store as a crime scene.

Michael Daly of the New York Daily News has assembled more details of how the line started forming at 9 PM the night before.  When the line reached the end of the parking a lot, a line began forming on the other side of the doors, leading to a presumption of line jumping.  The doors were to open at 5 AM, but at 4:45 the crowd surged forward as the doors of the store buckled, leading to Mr. Damourlaid being knocked over and eventually trampled.  There are also now reports that a woman miscarried her child in the melee.

How is this particular Walmart handling the situation?  Business as usual.  The glass in front of where the incident happened has been covered up with cardboard, the greeters are in place, and customers continue to shop.  Why is this store not closed?  The police are still investigating…  You are asking employees and customers to walk over the spot where a man died… no, really, stay open and continue to sell your goods.  Please do.

Of course, it isn’t just Walmart that is making me roll my eyes over this whole issue.  According to CNN, Bruce Both, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500 in New York, the state’s largest grocery worker’s union, is also on my naughty list.  He is taking this as an oppurtunity to say how Walmart failed, but it is an extremely thinly veiled commentary on how if the store had been unionized… you get the idea.  The UCFW is also calling for an investigation “by all levels of government” to make sure that justice is served.  I have this to say to the UCFW… you are no better than this Walmart staying open at this point.  You are using this man as a martyr for your cause and you should be ashamed of yourselves.  Let the police do their investigation, let Walmart deal with the family, and if after all that is said and done you still aren’t satisfied, which I’m sure you won’t be, then you can say something.  Until then, sit down and shut up because you are just using this unfortunate incident to further your own ends.

Could someone else tell me why the gun battle in a Toys R’ Us in Palm Desert, California isn’t getting anywhere neat the coverage?  Two women got in an argument, it is unknown if it was over a sale items, and the men with them both pulled guns and opened fire, resulting in both men dying.  Luckily no one else was hurt, but, still… THERE WAS A GUN FIGHT IN A TOY STORE!!! It’s getting some coverage, but it is always followed by, ‘we don’t know if it was over a sale item’, and you can almost hear them want to add, ‘so it doesn’t matter nearly as much.’

Thankfully no one else was hurt in the shoot out, but, still… guns… in a toy store… and no one seems to care nearly as much.  I guess it’s okay since the two idiots only killed each other.

Enjoy Black Friday from here on out folks, I’m staying home no matter what is on sale.

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