December 3 2008

TENtech News Launches

Apparently you just can’t keep me away from making podcasting and videos these days.

Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins, whom I worked with on the Machable Conversations video show, has launched a new tech news videocast named TENtech.   Besides Mr. Hopkins, you can expect to see weekly appearances by people like Art Lindsey, Steven Hodson of WinExtra, Mona, Saha, Paisano, Julia Roy, Alana Taylor and, yes, me.  I’ll be appearing each Wednesday and talking about the type of news stories I do on StarterTech.  So besides my personal series of podcasts, Scattercast, you will now get a second dose of me a week, but with video!

I’ve embedded the first episode below for you to see (yes, I am in this one), and you’ll be able to find the latest episode each day to the right of this post in that little window.  Make sure to give us feedback on the show, and do remember the one in this post is our very first episode, so it may be a little rough around the edges (especially my portion).

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