December 4 2008

Kids in the Hall Return To TV

The Kids in the Hall are heading back to TV, but not in the way you would expect.

The Canadian comedy troupe had their own self-titled series on the Canadian Broadcasting Company from 1989 – 1994, and they then released a movie, Brain Candy, in 1996.  Since that time they have reunited for a few reunion tours, but have mainly worked on their own projects, most notably was Dave Foley’s stint on News Radio.  Now comes the news that the Kids are ready to do a new project as one team again, but it won’t be sketch comedy this time.

According to The Star, the troupe will be doing an eight episode mini-series for the CBC tentatively entitled Death Comes to Town.  As opposed to the old format of sketches, this series will have a continuing narrative, but we will see the five members playing multiple roles throughout the run.

For those of you unfamiliar with their work, even though Kids in the Hall were taken under the wing of Lorne Michaels, the long-time producer of Saturday Night Live, their sketches tended to run more in a vein similar to Monty Python.  While they did some very obvious comedy, they also tended towards the absurd and surreal on numerous occasions.  It sounds like this new series may be similar in tone as Dave Foley mentioned in the article that it would be somewhat similar to England’s League of Gentlemen in tone, which for those of us who saw that, you know how out there that series was while being able to funny.

I really couldn’t care less what format this new project takes so long as they are working together on something every one can enjoy again. So, welcome back Kevin McDonald, Scott Thompson, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney and Dave Foley, you have been missed.  I leave you with one of my all time favorite sketches… the Fur Trappers.

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