December 5 2008

Scattercast 20 – Glitter, Unicorns and Gumdrops Edition

It’s episode 20… Scattercast is considering dropping out of college and “finding itself”!

– Sorry for the one week hiatus everyone. I couldn’t breathe, and could hardly talk. I’m back this week and full of rants!

– Let turkey be turkey! A rant on turkey alterations.

– Vampires are fascinating, but are they THAT fascinating? Why do people fixate on them and romanticize them?

– Some plugging for my spot on TENtech News


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for those who wish to download it.

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  • Meaghan

    As vampire fans, I must say that Near Dark is one of our favorite vampire movies. We also enjoyed Perfect Creature (2006). IMDB visitors seem to be split on it, but we thought the plot was original and interesting. Dusk til Dawn is also a fav simply due the the amount of gore and Clooney. As far as I'm concerned, you just can't beat that combination. Once Bitten, Love at First Bite, and Fright Night are also entertaining for those of us who can take our vampire movies with a grain of salt. Wasn't interested at all in seeing Twilight, but I know tweenies damn near killed themselves to get glimpses of the stars at scheduled promo appearances and I remember being that fanatic about my favorite celebrities at that age… at least as fanatical as you can get in Kirksville, a place no self respecting celebrity would find his/herself, except for Vincent Price, of course. I recently saw Lost Boys: The Tribe on SciFi and was pleasantly surprised. Everyone minus Corey Feldman seemed to take their role fairly seriously and the result was a watchable and entertaining movie, much better than what I had expected it to be. Corey was over the top, which was expected, but I still didn't care for his dumbass character. I also see on IMDB that Haim had a role, but I'm happy to say that I missed him in the movie… shew! That probably would've blown the whole thing for me. I think I've seen one too many of The Two Coreys to ever like him again. Other favorites, of course, are Interview with the Vampire, True Blood, Bram Stoker's Dracula, etc. The old stand-by's.

    Your father is in my thoughts. Keep us up-to-date on his condition.

    have a great X-mas!