December 6 2008

A Severe Lack Of Christmas Spirit

Is it just me, or is there just no sense of Christmas spirit this year?

Maybe it’s the economy, and the never ending bad news that seems to come with it, but I just have no Christmas spirit this year.  I had to go to Home Depot today to shop for a new shower faucet set, and even looking at their Christmas decor, it just didn’t seem as bright or enticing as usual.

I think it may also be partially that I am slowly finding myself turning in to Clark Griswold from the Vacation movies, specifically Christmas Vacation.  Each year I am hoping to recapture that sense of wonderment I had as a child about Christmas, and with the ever more depressing news, like the lose of 533,000 in November, it’s just hard to feel cheery about much of anything.  I’m not in the mood to shop for gifts, no matter how hard I try.

Maybe it will finally click once I get around to watching my normal bevy of favorite Christmas movies, but I sure hope something kicks in soon and gets me excited about it.

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