December 10 2008

The Cult of Oprah Just Keeps Confusing Me

I think I figured out why I am having trouble getting in to the spirit of Christmas… I lack an Oprah snow globe.

The Chicago Tribune brought the ultimate Oprah collectible to light last week with an entire aticle centered around the wonders of the Oprah snow globe.  It seems that you have to go to the actual Oprah Store in Chicago as I can not find it in the online Oprah store.  However, my life will be far more complete once I have a journal with an Oprah quote on them.

Back in February I asked “Can Someone Explain The Cult Of Oprah To Me?”  I did get a few replies about how she speaks to women, and she somehow captured their emotionalism… and it appears once she has you, she has you.

Now, I actually have a small collection of snow globes, I happen to like them, and most of them are based on movies (mainly Nightmare Before Christmas) and a few Disney World Haunted Mansion ones.  The thing is, those characters tend to lend themselves to being sculpted in or on a snow globe because they aren’t humans.  Oprah is… I know, she’s not a goddess, she is indeed human… and it doesn’t work quite as well.  She looks, well, like a badly sculpted snow glove here.

Then comes the question of how you’re supposed to hold this thing and shake it, but hey, it’s Oprah, it doesn’t have to be practicle.

Again, I am befuddled by this whole thing.  It’s one thing to like Oprah, but to adorn your house in her?  When is she finally going to build “The Oprah Worship Centers” around the country?  If she speaks to a part of your soul, I would ask why?  What is it about her that makes fans of her love her so?

I’ve already beat this subject, so I’ll leave it at that, but this snow globe just pushed me over the edge again.  Darn you, Oprah!  I am just thankful she didn’t make a matching one for Rachael Ray… -shudder-

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