December 15 2008

Survivor Gabon Thoughts

survivor gabonI haven’t done anything relating to Survivor in ages, mainly because I decided to take the blog in other directions, but this last season, Survivor Gabon, had some real stand outs in the, “How do you function in the real world?” category.

There is no denying that each cycle of this show, this was the 17th for those not keeping track, has had its share of colorful characters.  For some odd reason Gabon had some of the most wholly unlikeable people I have seen on the show in a long time, if not ever.  You wonder where the show finds these people, but somehow they do keep finding them.

So, who were these unfortunate individuals, and why did I detest them so?  Well, here they are in alphabetical order.

survivor corinne kaplanCorinne Kaplan – Have you ever known that person whose life must be so incredibely sad that they have convinced themselves that they actually like the negative attention they get?  That’s Corinne.  A superiority complex that knows no bounds, bigoted towards people different than herself and a mouth that just won’t shut up.  Here are some of her nastiest comments from the final episode of the cycle.

To Susie:

Susie, I have one question for you, and if you can answer ‘yes’ to this question, I will give you my million dollar vote.  If you get the money, will you agree to have your vocal chords removed?

Really, what can you say to that one?  It kind of says it all for itself.

To Sugar:

You are an unemployed, uneducated, leech on society.  And the only thing I would vote to give you is a handful of anti-depressants so that no one else has to be subjected to your constant crying any more. And maybe if you got some, maybe it would seem a little more sincere crying about your dead father. You don’t deserve the million.

You know, I understand you may not have liked the woman, but dragging in the memory of her dead father was just low and uncalled for.  So Sugar cried a lot, big deal.  You’re in a pressure cooker of a situation for 39 days, and hey, she outlasted you since she’s sitting there at the end and you’re where?  Oh, that’s right, in the jury because you got booted.  Yep, totally undeserving of the million and a good reason to insult the memory of your loved one.  Class act til the end.

Oh, and a P.S. to Corinne, try not to make it so obvious you were playing a part during the reunion show when you started using production speak.  Oh how it made me laugh when Jeff Probst caught on and cut you off.  Idiot.

survivor ken hoangKen Hoang – Ken wasn’t so much nasty as just downright delusional from day one.  His complete lack of social skills might have been excusable, I’ve known plenty of people like him, but his imaginary world at the end was astounding.

He has made a deal with Bob, the eventual winner of this outing, that when there were six people left, if Bob won the immunity idol, and they felt Ken was in danger, Bob would give him the idol to protect him.  Bob did win the idol, but then Ken hatched a plan to tell Bob he was in danger, get the idol and then use this opportunity to oust him.  Sugar was part of the alliance, didn’t like the arrangement, so she warned Bob, and the plan failed as Bob didn’t surrender the idol.

Ken could just not let this go.  He went on and on about how this showed Bob wasn’t a man of his word and so on.  When even confronted by Bob at the final tribal council, where it was all spelled out that Bob knew he was being set up to be stabbed in the back, Ken still went on about how Bob should have given up the idol.

Look, Ken, you seem like a perfectly nice guy, but reality check time.  If you’re about to stab someone in the back, and they don’t go along with your plan, it doesn’t mean they lack honor, it means they’re smarter than you.  Get over it.

survivor randy baileyRandy Bailey – What can you say about Randy?  He thought he was in control a good portion of the time he was in the game… and he wasn’t.  I don’t think he was ever in control, especially of his own mouth.

His never-ending obsession over Cookiegate (too long to go in to every detail here, but he obsessed over Sugar “cheating” him out of a cookie) was just juvenile and indicative of his personality.  He is another of the breed of, “I feed off of negative reinforcement” and you can tell he really doesn’t.  He has obviously had some bad dealings with people in his life and opts to just assume every one dislikes him.  And people call me anti-social, I’ve got nothing on Randy.

Another Cycle Ends

While I liked Bob, the winner, he wasn’t the true winner this time around to me.  Sugar played the best game of any one there, and she certainly was the best player of the final three.  Susie rode coat tails and Bob did a tremendous amount for the tribes, but he didn’t really play the game.

As we have seen in previous seasons, people get to the jury and they vote their emotions, and not the way the game was played.  Sugar didn’t receive one vote from the jury, and that pretty much tells me they all went with emotions.  She made moves, she mad alliances, and still was able to keep some ethics about her, and I’m not the only one who shares these thoughts.  Congrats to Bob, he was a super nice guy, and the oldest person to ever win the game, but I still say this was Sugar’s season, just too bad she didn’t get the check.

They are already saying that Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands has a nicer cast

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