December 19 2008

Scattercast Episode 22 – All I Want For Christmas Is A Malware Author On A Spike

It’s episode 22… Scattercast is facing the reality of the job market!

– An update on my dad’s surgery again

– People who create Malware should be strung up by their toes

– My generally sucky week

– Do you ever make people’s Christmas gifts, or do you always buy them?


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for those who wish to download it.

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  • Sean-Paul Correll

    Sean, I understand your frustration. This is a threat that we at Panda Security have been defending against for years. Almost every week it takes a new form… A new domain, a new delivery method and BAM! 1000+ new exe's to infect computers. Yesterday it was Antivirus 2009 and today it is Antivirus 360.

    The people overseas creating the software operate as legitimate businesses and create reseller systems that pay a very high commission rates for the installs. It's estimated that the profits are well over hundreds of millions of dollars and unfortunately if the money continues to pour in we cannot see an end in near sight. We predict that this class of malware will be one of the most prevalent in 2009. The scary part is that once the attacker has the credit card number there is no telling what may happen. It's likely that the sensitive data will be sold and re-sold on the black market. If you're interested in learning more about this threat, you can check out my blog post on the PandaLabs blog:

    In addition, in the future I would advise contacting your AV company before resulting to third party utilities or expensive technicians. At Panda Security all of our Support Technicians are experts on removing this type of threat and can do so easily without too much trouble.

  • Meaghan

    Glad to hear that your dad is doing well… sorry about the secret bad news.

    Malware sucks! I depend entirely on my computer because I work from home and spend upwards of 15 hrs each day on it. Needless to say, I've run into my fair share of nasty crap. In fact, I contracted something terrible earlier this year that sounds somewhat similar to what you have. Luckily, my uncle works in tech for HP and has a lot of good information. If he can't help me fix something, he knows someone in my area who'll do it for free. I think he'll be in K-ville on MLK Jr.'s Day weekend, so let me know if you've tried everything and can't get it cleaned up. It couldn't hurt to tap his reservoir of knowledge. Try this guy above me first, though. It sounds like he knows what he's talking about.

    Sizzling water bad. Bottled water good. Drinkable tap water… priceless. Best of luck with that situation.

    Last minute shopper. Typical male. Honestly, I think Amazon and Overstock have transformed the vast majority of us into last minute shoppers. Damned modern conveniences! I for one will not be making anyone any gifts this year. I am a lazy creature of my convenient environment.

    Happy Holiday's – lol!!

    Btw, the new headset sounds great! I had my volume dial turned up to 11 in anticipation of your trademarked whisper and your voice came BOOMING out of my laptop! Excellent.

  • The system seems to be repaired :) Ran a program called CodeFix and everything seemed to clear up. Dad is doing well, just getting antsy to be up and around. Water is clearing up… slowly… oh so slowly Yes, the new mic seemed to make a world of difference :D