December 21 2008

Robert Carlyle

robert carlyleAccording to a quote on IO9 today, Russell T. Davies, the head of the past four seasons of Doctor Who, said the following about Robert Carlyle joining the newest Stargate series, Stargate Universe:

Stargate, can you believe it? That was a surprise. Hasn’t his agent watched it?

All I could say upon reading this was “ouch” and followed that up with “he’s right.”

I’ve enjoyed Mr. Carlyle’s work in movies such as The Full Monty, and I was shocked to hear he was joining the train wreck that is the Stargate franchise system.  While I admit I have watched every episode of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, I alwyas immediately have an urge to cry, and then shower to wash the trash off of myself.

I might not have looked twice at this news if I had not just watched the direct-to-DVD movie Stargate SG-1:The Ark of Truth.  This film represented everything that was wrong with this series in my opinion.  While it was mainly trying to wrap up the on-going Ori storyline, as per their usual stupidity, the writers of the series didn’t know how to move past certain plot points, so they just pile on more enemies for no real reason.  The never-ending threat of the Replicators, metallic creatures that take on many shapes, which had nothing to do with the Ori story, just randomly appeared in this movie to keep half of the main team busy and away from the main fight.  They had no real reason to be in the movie, the aspects of the script could have been handled by the actual threat of the Ori and their followers.

On top of the whole Replicator issue, you have the actual Ark of Truth, an ancient device that, when opened, a light shines on a person and they no longer believe the Ori are gods, cutting off the power that strengthens the false gods.  You’re kidding, right?  A multi-year plot line is wrapped up by the ultimate deus ex machina plot device of a magical box?  That’s the best the writers could come up?  The inclusion of an enemy that had no point being in the movie, and a magical box that cures all… did they write this the night before it had to be handed in?

The television incarnations of the story started in the feature film has always had slightly intriguing characters, but they never know what to do with them.  They also languish in a form of recycled hell where the teams on the show face the same enemies over and over due to the fact they never seem to be able to kill anyone for more than half a season.

So, in short, I have the same question as Mr. Davies in wondering if Mr. Carlyle’s agent watched the show before he signed on.  He is far better actor than this series deserves, and I feel horrible that their absolute drivel will be coming out of his mouth.  I don’t begrudge any actor wanting to pay their bills, I just wish actors would stop appearing in this trainwreck of a series so it would finally be put out to pasture like it deserves.

Apparently it is up to all of us, the viewers, to stop this series machine before it ruins any more careers… and kills more of my brain cells.

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