December 26 2008

Scattercast Episode 23 – Christmas Time

It’s episode 23… Scattercast is facing life without college!

– I finally checked out another podcast, Smodcast… I’m not doing so bad!

– Christmas Eve… more holidays need an “Eve”.

– Christmas shopping reflections.

– Digg annoys me and is an enigma.


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  • Meaghan

    Soooooo glad your podcasts aren't anywhere near 1 hr and 45 minutes! The holiday overflow of 10 second TV commercials has vastly shortened my attention span and I don't think I could make it through more than 30 minutes of anyone's podcast.

    Christmas Eve rocks! Dim lighting, cozy atmosphere, a glass of wine or bottle of beer in front of you, your closest family members in the same room, and then the traditional opening of one gift. It simply can't be beat!

    Christmas shopping… ugh! Thank God I have a wonderful husband who would rather do the shopping himself than listen to me complain about shopping and shoppers. Shew! Of course I take care of the wrapping of gifts and filling out cards, etc., so we evenly split the the obligations required.

    Christmas has most definitely become a universal family occasion. My husband's family is Jewish, yet they enthusiastically celebrate Christmas, possibly more due to the diversity of the family than for any other reason, but I think that has become the reason most families of non-Christian descent celebrate it. America has become a giant melting-pot of religion and in order to keep up with recent additions to the family, everyone must conform for comfort. That's my theory anyway. Have a terrific Holiday Season, Sean. I hope to see you soon!