January 2 2009

Scattercast Episode 24 – Bloggin’ Ain’t Easy

It’s episode 24… Scattercast is thinking it is time to settle down!

– Happy New Year… I don’t get the excitement.

– My resolutions for 2009, what are yours?

– Bloggin’ ain’t easy. (with a whole lot of annoying history about myself)

– I encourage you to check out the redesigned StarterTech!


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  • Meaghan

    Taking a weekend or two off this year is one of my resolutions as well. It never ceases to amaze me how many more hours than 40/wk those of us who work from home or very near our homes actually put in. I'm up to around 80/wk simply due to the nature of my business and the convenience of working from home and that amount goes up around the holidays to counter the holiday season lag. "Burn out" is very common for at-home-workers and I'm not at all surprised that it has made its way around to you. What I used to do to break the daily grind up is walk for 15-30 minutes twice a day but too often I found myself hurrying back to the house to do something that I had remembered while walking and thinking about work, so I had to find activities that consumed my cognitive senses. Now I take a break twice a day to read a book for 30 minutes (which can often turn into an hour if I don't watch it) or listen to my favorite distracting music really loudly for 15 minutes or so a few times each day. I have found that reading works better because I can't think about work and actually retain what I'm reading at the same time, so I can more easily separate myself from work with a good book. However, loud music seems to do the trick, too, if to a lesser degree. The louder the better, I say. I certainly can't concentrate on paperwork with Marilyn Manson scream-whispering about the beautiful people at max volume, now can I? Unfortunately, my phone blinks when it rings so even if I can't hear it, I can see it if my eyes happen to be pointed in its direction. I've tried putting the phone out of sight, but my work ethic kicks in and I find myself looking for it every time a song make a similar sound (which is not uncommon with today's music) just in case it's ringing. Now I simply succumb when the phone rings while I'm listening to music and answer it, the same thing I do if I'm reading. It just seems easier to fall into a book then listen to music that all too often mimics the sound my phone makes when it rings. I still look very forward to those breaks and do what I comfortably can to make sure they're uninterrupted. In any event, I wish you the best of luck in getting over the "burn out" hump. It can be tough and sometimes all you need is one jump forward in any given aspect of your job to reinvigorate you. Unfortunately, we never know when those jumps are coming so we have to do whatever it takes to keep our brains from turning into complete mush every time we sit down in front of the computer or pick up the phone. Sometimes simply reminding myself that I don't have to face St. Louis' rush hour traffic is enough to kick my mushy mind back into gear – lol! Anyway, back to the old grindstone.

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