January 4 2009

Why Does My Scale Mock Me?

scaleAs most people do, I have a love/hate relationship with my scale.

As I mentioned on Scattercast episode 24, like so many people in the world, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to lose more weight this year.  I was quite happy with the fact that I made it through the holidays with only 1 to 2 pounds in fluctuation.  I worked hard at making sure I didn’t gain, and kept up my work out regimen to make sure that didn’t happen.

Now as we get in to the serious part of the year, I stepped on the scale last night (something I swore I would not obsess about, but yet I step on it every night now it seems), and found I had another of my “What the hell…” moments where I lose 2 – 3 pounds seemingly over night.  I always wait a day or two to declare it “official” because it could be any number of very odd factors.  If this one holds true, though, I will have lost 70 pounds so far.

There is no denying I had allowed my weight to spiral out of control and I had gotten all the way up to the insane weight of 400 lbs.  In my defense, I am built like a brick house.  It was difficult to tell I was that heavy because I have a huge body frame (think linebacker).  When I realized where I had gotten to, that was when I got serious about losing weight.  I cut sodas completely, all fast food was a distant memory, and I began researching “healthy” ways to lose weight.

Pretty much everything I read said you needed to build muscle first, and then concentrate on the actual reduction of fat.  As I chronicled in Working Out back in September 2008, I did start lifting weights, and I am happy to say that I have stuck with it.  I do 45 minutes every other day (there is a long list of reasons why it is best to do it other day that I won’t bore you with, but believe me, it’s true), and I am thrilled I have gotten to that amount of time as it allows me to catch up on one one-hour show on a DVD set, or two 30-minute episodes of a show.  So not only am I building muscle, but I am multi-tasking and catching up on the DVDs I am so far behind on!

On my “off days”, I am trying to go for walks, with the constant reminding that I need to do so from the evil one known as “M”, but the weather has been fighting me hard on that one.  I would love to invest in a treadmill, but I am reluctant to do so until I find that I am going to stick with walking.  With the insane mix of winter weather we’ve had, it has actually been unsafe for me to walk outside, so we will have to see when that resumes.  For now I am speed walking through Walmart whenever I go there.

So, why do I think my scale mocks me?  While I am thrilled I have lost 70 pounds thus far, my original goal was 101 pounds so I could actually break out of the three hundreds.  Looking at the dial on that scale, the space for 31 more pounds looks like the longest space known to man.  Never mind there are 70 lbs behind me so far, that 31 just feels daunting.  I even try to remind myself that 20 of the 70 I have lost has happened in just the past five months (I have no idea why it picked up speed), and that means that I could possibly realize this goal in the next 8 months, it just feels like an insane amount of work.

… and then will come maintaining it.

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