January 7 2009

Buffy Season 8, Issue 21


buffys8e21Characters Seen:

Harmony is back.  Whether this is a good thing or not depends on your tolerance level for her vapid nature, but it appears from this issue that she has a big part to play this “season” in setting things in motion.

We open up on her trying to get in to a night club while carrying her two Pomeranians. Although that isn’t clear when she tells the doorman denying her entrance, “Oh, can you really say no to this perky pair?” He informs her no animals are allowed in the club.

As a dejected Harmony turns to walk away, a celebrity emerges from the club he looks strikingly like Andy Dick. As the paparazzi shoots pictures of him, Harmony muses in her thoughts that it is good to touch fame. In a couple of silent frames, you see Harmony and Dick make eye contact, he grabs her by the arm and whisks her away.

In a dirty alley, Harmony tells us she is going to touch fame, and as she looks to be kissing Andy Dick’s neck, you hear the sounds of flash bulbs. As she pulls back, Andy looks intoxicated, but as she turns her head, you see she has vamped out and there is blood on her mouth and Andy Dick’s neck.

We get a voice over:

Check out how hot I look!

Sleepy eyes.  Very paris.

Tousled hair over the S.V.F. Exotic (the editors give us a note that they THINK it means “Sexy Vampire Forehead”)

Bloodstained and also plump lips.

We cut to Harmony sitting in possibly the girliest room ever looking at the picture on a computer screen of her in the alley.  “Cut that guy out of the thing and it’s the best darn headshot I ever had!”

We hear that T.M.Z. picked up the image and people are now curious about vampires.  Harmony heads over to the C.A.A. agency (“No one know what that stands for…”) and she informs us that as people have learned you can be bit and not die, they are all curious.  So we see Harmony exiting an elevator, wiping blood from her mouth, and a dissheveled agent with blood on his neck.  She informs us he’s agreed to set up some meetings.

She has meetings at MTV (“No one knows what that stands for either, but they do reality shows.”) where she pitches a show called “Harmony Bites” that will follow , showing her biting people.  The MTV execs think the show needs a villain, but Harmony tells them that “With me, you get a hero…” she vamps out “with a villain built in.”

We see some quick shots of the show filming, but she tells us the numbers are soft, but MTV has agreed to pump more money into it and she’s going to be in People.  We see a quick shot of Buffy and Willow reading the magazine.

Buffy: What the hell?
Willow: pffft.  She’s no Tina Fey.

Underneath a billboard advertising Harmony’s show, a girl says “But I want out”.  She says she finally said it on her sixteenth birthday, and as she gets punched, she says the other girls aren’t taking it too good.

We get a shot of a large group of girls, it’s obviously a girl gang and they are ‘jumping out’ the young lady.  As they shove her einto a pillar we see her glow, and then she smiles and thinks “Well.  This changes stuff.”  We next see all the girls laying around her in unconsciousness.  It would seem she just had her Slayer powers awaken.

As she walks down the street she talks about how she feels totally free, but figures it won’t last. She knows good luck never lasts and someone will take it away. As she passes a TV store, she sees the Slayer commercial we saw way back in the first issue of the series with Andrew asking if girls out there have been having dreams about being a girl in another time. Our newly minted Slayer scoffs it off and says they’ll have to find her.

A week later… Andrew walks up and asks, “Hi. Can we talk about your destiny?”

Andrew tries to explain how vampires are evil, but she says she heard they can suck on you without killing you, so where is the harm in it. Andrew goes on and on about how evil they are, and how people who feel weak turn to them for power. She finally says she is in, and Andrew calls Buffy so she can talk to the new girl.

Due to a bad connection, the new Slayer only catches a few words like “togetherness”, “unity”, “sisterhood” and so on. She throws the phone at Andrew, she’s heard those words before, and she figures she can slay on her own, no need to join any group of girls to do it.

She goes to get her old gang tattoo covered with a new one, and while at the tattoo parlor, Harmony walks in with… Clem! The wrinkly skinned demon from the old days!  The camera crew is in tow, and Harmony is thinking about getting a tattoo getting one (Clem looks in the folds of his skin… he has a cartoon ducky… somewhere).  New Slayer girl talks with the camera crew about Harmony, and wonders if she could talk to her alone.  They tell her alone might be difficult, but they need extras for a party at a mansion that night, and she should come.  She agrees.

As she tries to get in the party, security searches her purse and confiscate her stake.  A girl looks at the bandage over her tattoo and asks if it’s a bite, and she says no.  The girl tells her how wonderful it is, and maybe she’ll be lucky enough to be bit tonight.

A producer tells the party goers that they will be partying until Harmony comes in, and then the music will turn down so they can record anything Harmony might say.  It doesn’t take long for the Vamp of the hour to show up with some male model wanna-be in tow, begging her to change him so they can be together forever.  She tells him that she isn’t sure he deserves that.

As Harmony stands at the top of a stair case to make her grand entrance, the new Slayer looks for anything she can make a stake out of.  She grabs a clapper board from one of the show crew members, and stears off part in the shape of a stake.  She makes a dash up the stairs, but as Harmony sees her coming she drops one of her dogs who throws the Slayer off balance, maing her collide with Harmony and drop her new weapon.

They fight ont he ground, and the new Slayer is winning until she gets distracted by the camera crew.  Harmony knocks her off her, grabs the stake, and the new Slayer knocks her off the balcony.  She leaps after Harmony, but she holds up the stake… the new Slayer lands on it.

Harmony quickly drains her as we see Andrew watching with his Slayer team, they are all horrified, as are Buffy and the Scoobs in a separate panel.

MTV is thrilled, and that the show is now huge.  All it needed was a villain, and they’ve found that in the Slayers.  They are thrilled there are thousands of them because they can make them look like the Nazis.

Buffy and Andrew talk on the phone, both disturbed by what is happening, when they spot Harmony on Anderson Cooper 360.  Cooper is talking about the Slayer army and how they claim to protect humans, but who is protecting us from them.  Willow is worried people don’t realize they are the good guys, and Buffy says they can tell who’s wearing the white hats.

The last panel shows one of Harmony’s dogs wearing a white cowboy hat.

That’s it for this month, but it seems like an interesting set up.  We’ll have to see where the rest of the story arc goes, but the Slayers as bad guys could be a bad time for Buffy and the Scoobies, but a thrill for Twilight, this “season’s” Big Bad.

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