January 11 2009

And We Have The First Teacher Sex Scandal Of 2009

Christine A. McCallumI will never understand why female teachers want to have sex with teenage boys.

Long time readers of this blog know all to well that I am obsessed with teacher-student sex stories: Christel C. Gravlin & Julie Pritchett, Stephanie Ragusa, Mary Jo Spack, Lisa Marinelli, Debra LaFave, and so on.  I am not obsessed in a positive way, I am obsessed in a, “Could someone PLEASE explain this to me?!?” way.

The latest case involves Christine A. McCallum, 29, from the Boston, MA area.  Apparently for the past almost three years she has been having a sexual relationship with a teenaged boy.  According to The Inquisitr, the “relationship” began in February 2006 when the boy was 13-years-old.  He was the older brother to a child Ms. McCallum was tutoring, and she allegedly became obsessed with the boy, and they had sex nearly every other day from what the child, now 16, says.

Ms. McCallum, who is married,  is denying the accusations and says she took on a motherly role with the boy who lived with a single father.  Evidence found at the boy’s home includes a cell phone she provided him with, and letters with content of a sexual nature, and including the decleration that she would choose him over her job without hesitation.  That choice has now been removed from her hands as she has been suspended from teaching her 5th grade class.

As I have said nearly every time this type of story has come up, I just don’t get it.  Teenage boys are sweaty, awkward, gawky little things that even teenage girls want nothing to do with.  How in the world do these women look at these children and think, “Oh wow… I want me some of that!”?

What also never ceases to amaze me is that it is always female teachers.  I can’t remember the last time I heard of a male, the gender that makes up the majority of sexual offenders, took part in anything similar.  Is there something that tells the male teachers just to stay away from the children that their female counterparts are lacking?  And please do not take that as a slam against the female gender, because it isn’t, it is a question based on the cold facts that these stories all seem to be about women.

This story does break from my usual criteria of the boy must actually be a student of the teacher, but I just simply couldn’t get my head around this one.   If the story is true, how did she get away with it for so long?  Would something in her head not have finally said to her, “this is wrong”?  Why did the boy finally come forward?  (I can’t find this in any story on the matter)  How did her husband never catch on?  The questions I have our endless, but the number one is, as it always is, “Why?”  Five of the six teachers I mentioned earlier all happened within the past year, and here we are in the first month of 2009, and we already have one, so apparently this isn’t something that will magically disappear.

I’ve often wondered if maybe the male teacher stories are kept more quiet because it is an older man/young girl angle, and somehow feels more violating?  Most people when they comment on female teacher/student stories go, “lucky kid”, like this is something they should wear as a badge of honor.  Well, no, they shouldn’t.  Child molestation is child molestation no matter the make up of the gender combinations involved.  It is sick and wrong, and for the life of me, I just want to understand what could possibly drive these people to this act.

So, believe me, I take no joy in writing these posts, I simply hope that by doing so I help cast these acts in the light they should be cast in, and that is damnable.

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