January 12 2009

Apparently I Am Filled With Jealousy

green eyed monsterIt has been brought to my attention by some of my very astute commenters on this blog that I am a very jealous person.

From the post Dancing With The Stars Band came this comment.


Uh. Where do I start except you obviously have no idea who plays in that band. You can always change the channel. Why waste your time complaining about something your [sic] not good enough to be in?

And then I received this comment on JJ Abrams Unveils The New Enterprise From Star Trek.


I’ll never understand people’s need to pick apart a series and make it so serious. Honestly, I don’t consider myself a rabid fan, but I have at least seen most of the original ST episodes, and most of the movies through the current gen. stuff. Stop making such an issue out of the dang minutiae and have fun. Sheesh. What does it really matter if the Enterprise is a little too swoopy, or organic, or not retro enough? That’s subjective. Watch movie, have fun, judge movie after seeing. If you could do a better job with this project they’d have hired you to do it anyway. (emphasis mine – Sean)

The post you are reading right now is the 1,694th post since I started this blog. If you follow the logic presented by these two commenters that if you complain about something, you must be jealous in some way, than I must be the most jealous person alive.

I must be jealous of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) as I have written about them 18 timesI have written 21 times about Scientology, I must be really jealous of their “church”.

I have always labeled myself an “observer” more than a “writer”: I take in the world around me, and I comment on it.  Considering I have done this 1,694 times now, yes, sometimes it is difficult coming up with things to comment on, so I go to the never-ending well that is television and movies.  There is always something there to annoy me.

To answer these particular two instances that were sighted in these comments:

  1. I am not angry with the Dancing With The Stars band because I’m not good enough to join them, I simply hate them because I am tired of hearing them screw up something as simple as a 4-4 beat.
  2. There is no way I would have wanted the job of rebooting the Star Trek franchise because, well, I think it’s a dumb idea to mess with something people love.

I feel confident in saying these types of comments come from people who just surf through from various sources (and they never leave a real email address for follow up discussion), and if they read even more than one other post on this site, they would see the style of blogger I am… I complain… a LOT!  I own it, I don’t even try to deny it, but I am fascinated by this recent trend of people saying that my complaining about something comes from my being jealous.  Is this something that has happened across the entire Internet that I have somehow missed?

Or, do you think it is possible that I complained about Salad Bar Etiquette due to my jealousy of their mastery of the vegetable plate building arts?

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