January 13 2009

Malware Is Getting Out Of Hand

dr feelgoodMy battles with malware are getting out of hand.

A couple of weeks ago I got infected with a rogue malware that tried to impersonate something called Anti Virus 2009.  Well, after fighting with it for 9 hours, I finally got it removed. During the course of the battle, it prevented me from installing needed software, and also kept me from going to sites that would allow me to read up on how to fight it.

This was followed about a week later with another bout with something called sagipsul which kept taking over my browser.  It wasn’t horrible, but it still took about 11 hours to fight back.

This morning I got hit with VirusRemover 2008, and that something had to do with sagipsul showing back up again.  At this point I am going to wipe the system and start over.  It is costing me more in time than the money it will cost me to just start over.

I have had it with these people, and I am going to be writing to my Congressmen about coming up with some way to prosecute people who do this.  They are extorting people with strongarm tatics similar to those used by the mafia in protection rackets.

I’m fed up, I’m angry and these criminals are costing me money and productivity.  That NEVER makes me happy.

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