January 15 2009

Google Trends Is Fascinating

google trendsI don’t know why I never checked out Google Trends until recently, but now I am hooked.

I have known about this tool for ages, but I only recently started using it seriously.  Essentially it allows you at any time to see what the top 100 most searched on terms are on Google.  Click on the search term and you will see the top results people are seeing when they look it up.  It also gives bloggers great ideas for something to blog about… unless you are me, and then you just say, “why not blog about the actual tool?”

… not that I have ever done that.

The thing that always gets me is how the top results are almost always soemthing that has recently aired on television.  For example, the first two entries in the pictured results relate to tonight’s episode of Kitchen Nightmares.  While the Hudson river plane incident from today is mixed in, you can also see tonight’s episode of Smallville being looked up for information about the Legion of Super Heroes.  All of this is quite common: if it’s on TV, it’s on Google trends shortly thereafter.

It isn’t just for blogging reasons I find this fascinating, but it’s almost a form of people watching rom my perspective.  I have always been fascinated by people and the things they do, and this is like a window on to the Internet at large, and what it is that interests them.  It also sometimes reveals our stupidity as Adam Ostrow, one of my editors on Mashable, pointed out the other day on Twitter.

that’s pretty sad … “American Idle” is the 54th most popular search term on Go ogle this hour

That kinda sums up the day and age, doesn’t it?

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