January 19 2009

Miss USA 1991 Films A Porno; No One Shocked

faithless kelli mccartySo, what do you do if you’re a washed up Miss USA that is about to hit 40-years-old? Why, you make a porno of course!

It has been announced that Kelli McCarty, Miss USA 1991,  has teamed with the infamous Vivid Video to make a porno film entitled, Faithless.  According to the information floating around today, Ms. McCarty was the one to approach Vivid with the idea.  As to why she is doing it, she said:

“I enjoy acting, and I really like sex, so this was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions.”


Of course Vivid is thrilled because they can promote this endlessly with the tag line “From Beauty Queen To Porn Queen”, but you have to wonder what in the world this woman is thinking.  First off, she did have some semblance of a normal acting career, and she can now kiss that good bye.  Secondly, she’s turning 40 this year, so the likelyhood of her having a long porn career (oh yeah, she’s already said she’s up for another) are slim to none.

While I doubt this has any bearing, I am sure Donald Trump, the current owner of the Miss USA pagent, is probably less than thrilled the title is now being drug through this, but oh well.

The only person I see being a winner in this whole mess is Vivid.  Ms. McCarty is going to be in for a rude awakening after the press wears off from the “excitement” of this announcement.  Unfortunate for her, but oh well.

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