January 23 2009

Scattercast Episode 27 – Small Town Living

It’s episode 27… Scattercast was born in a small town…

This week is all about living in a small town, and some of the hurdles that presents. Here is a taste of what this episode contains.

– Going to Sam’s Club to stock up for things since it is 90 miles away.

– Flying is a pain in the behind as you usually have to leave a day early.

– Some general thoughts on the closing of Circuit City.

– A whole lot of rambling.


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  • I grew up in a small town in Southern Minnesota. There are times I miss it, but not when the whole town knows what you've done (ie: local sheriff would drive us home instead of take us in when we screwed up)!!

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  • Meaghan

    I vaguely remember Mr. Schwartz putting those sheets up in the band room and needling you about it once in a while. I don't think I knew you very well yet, so I remember it well, but I do remember thinking, "That stuff goes in the Kirksville Daily Express?!? I'll never do anything that'll get me in the paper!". Lo and behold, one year and a minor in possession later, there's my name blaring out on page 13 – ta-da! I'd joined the ranks of such scumbags as Sean P. Aune. Thank you, Mr. C (father of the girl I was out with on the night in question), for doing your due diligence and ambushing your daughter in the driveway on her way into the house after our exciting and adventurous evening of splitting a 4-pack of wine coolers (which, by the way, tasted nasty to both of us and 2 of the bottles ended up in the trash, unopened) and driving around for 90 minutes before returning to a boring little party where I found an underclassman sitting on my boyfriend's lap. Upon the garment search you imposed on your daughter, you found the cap to one of the bottles in her coat pocket and asked your visiting nephew where it was he had driven us to. Not being familiar with the area, he said Moberly (60 miles away), but it was actually Macon (34 miles away). In a flash of awareness you assumed he was downplaying the situation to protect us and decided that it was actually Columbia (91 miles away) that we had gallivanted around in during our evening of debauchery. Fast forward a week and there I am at the Kirksville police department writing out a statement and being browbeaten by a large and loud-voiced sergeant who seemed to want to scare me more than he was interested in what I'd written. That is one experience I'll never forget, so again, I thank you. So, yes, I am in agreement that small towns have their downfalls, but I do also miss the feeling of community that is inevitable in a small town. The lack of crime is another aspect of small towns that I miss. St. Louis is currently fighting for a top spot in highest crime rate per capita in the US and it's not just localized to the city areas. I live in what is considered a "nice" suburb (ie: low crime rate, good school districts, upper-middle class families, etc.), yet there were 2 daytime break-ins within a mile of my home in the last 5 weeks. Not to say the economic state our country is in doesn't have anything to do with the rise of crime in suburban areas, but I know I would be hard pressed to find two homes that were broken into during the day in a 5-week span in all of Kirksville, let alone in a 1 mile radius of my parents' home. All in all, while city life can be more "exciting" and there are many advantages to having an airport, multiple museums, and any venue of entertainment within a 20 minute drive, it is certainly a double edged sword. I definitely don't miss everyone getting up in my bidness, that's for sure!

    • Yes you knew me at the time of the speeding ticket… I WAS DRIVING BACK TO TOWN FROM YOUR HOUSE WHEN I GOT IT! Yeesh, some people and their memories :P Remember, I had H & C with me? You'd called me because of a problem and we came out and checked on you? Ingrate :P

  • Meaghan

    OMG, I TOTALLY forgot about that!! HA HA!! I remember it now, though… we sat in my front yard because my parents were home because my dad didn't want a parade of men walking through "his" house. Jeez, my memory completely failed me on that one! Can't believe that. I do appreciate you rounding up the posse and coming out to take care of the damsel in distress… and then taking one for the team on your way back home. Props, brother!

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