January 27 2009

Who Else Is Tired Of Being Cold

freezingI know I can’t be alone in this, but I am really fed up with being cold.

My mother has a theory that I am feeling the cold more than usual this year due to my 70+ pound weight loss.  While I am sure it is a factor, it does not explain why everyone else I know is also complaining about how cold it is this year.  While speaking to “M” the other night, she also commented on how bitterly cold it feels this year.  Mind you she was born and raised in the northeastern United States, and still resides there, so she should be used to the cold.  Instead she was asking me for advice on how to better heat her new apartment.

Something has changed.  “Global Warming”, “Climate Change”, whatever word we’re using today, you can add me to the believer list because things have obviously changed with the climate over the past several years.  What exactly?  Well, I’m certainly no scientist, but something for sure is different about the winters, and I sure as heck don’t like it.

One quick example is my warehouse and it’s heating system.  This is our 6th winter in this building, and each year prior to this one, we have gotten by on about 250 gallons of natural gas for an entire winter season.  Well, I came in the office Saturday morning and discovered… no heat.  It’s only January and we’ve already burned through our usual allotment for the entire winter.  No, we haven’t been setting heat higher or anything, it is just that much colder.

Unfortunately I don’t see myself moving any time soon, so it’s a situation that is unlikely to change any time soon..  All I know is it can get as hot as it wants to this summer, and you won’t hear me complaining one bit about the temparture at that point.

Updated: Immediately after writing this post, I had to go load a trailer.  … I am currently waiting to regain feeling in my face.

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