January 31 2009

G.I. Joe Super Bowl Spot Shows Up Online

gi joe logoMaybe toy properties just shouldn’t be made into movies.

The Super Bowl spot for G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra has popped up online a day before the game and… yeah, not thrilling to it.  After my last go around with the Paramount licensing department over images from this movie (which resulted in me being shut down for almost a day), I’m just going to link you to a site for now that is showing the trailer 100% for sure with permission.  They’re running it over at The Inquisitr and you can download it in 480p, 720p or 1080p if you prefer to watch it in high definition. As soon as I am sure it is cleared, I will embed a copy in this post also.

Basically it leaves me cold.  About the only thing that looks 100% right is Sienna Miller as The Baroness.  I have no clue why Desto, played by Christopher Eccleston, is runing around without his trademark helmet.  The “super suits” the Joes are wearing just look silly and have them doing things they were never meant to do.  Snake Eyes hopping all around the screen is one thing, the other members of the team were never meant to.  Yes, they are highly trained soldiers, but not all of them were supposed to have all sorts of martial arts skills, as well as the super strength and speed.

This had the possibilty of being a fun little movie, but instead I think we are going to end up with a schlock fest that everyone who sees it is going to wish they could erase the memory.

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