January 31 2009

Ready For A Second Round Of Pain? Here Come The Transformers Again!

soundwaveI’ve resisted the urge to discuss Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen since June, so I think I’ve earned another post.

During the production of the first film, I posted endlessly about y dread for the project, which turned out to be pretty spot on once I saw the first one, but this time I just don’t care.  I think it’s because I primarily know what to expect this time, and I will just resolve to go “Ugh, this sucks” even as I watch it.

So I am brought back to the subject again as the first official footage will debut tomorrow during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, followed by it being posted online shortly thereafter.  Another teaser trailer will be attached to the film Friday the 13th, with an online release following a week later.  Michael Bay is promising you won’t see much footage as he doesn’t want to give away the best bits, but finally seeing something is better than nothing.

What has officially gotten out is official pictures of the first toy for the new Decepticon Soundwave.  While he turned into a cassette player back in the old days, apparently he now turns into some sort of Cybertronian jet, and rumors circulate that at some point he is also a satellite.  Nice to see Soundwave show up this time, but I am not sold on his design yet.

Another picture that popped up online for a few days was a picture of two new Autobots known as “the twins”.  It appears the green one is named “Skids”, which is taken from an early vehicle in the toy line, and the orange one is rumored to be named “Mudflap”, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

tf2 the twins

Since this image came from a website for the upcoming video game, these designs may not be 100% spot on to how they will appear in the film, but it is probably fairly close. I am a bit concerned by their faces having a bit of a whimsical aspect to them, and I have strong suspicions these two are the new comic relief for the film.  This is exactly what the film doesn’t need, but everyone knows Michael Bay loves his wacky comedy moments.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and one of them will “lubricate” on someone.

I’ll do another post in the not too distant future giving you the breakdown as I know it of all the robots on both sides.  Until then, enjoy whatever footage we see in the next few weeks.

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