February 1 2009

Transformers Super Bowl Commercial

ravageThe Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Super Bowl commercial has shown up online.

Seems anti-climatic, and gives me even less reason to watch the Super Bowl except to see Bruce Springsteen at halftime.  As this commercial was scheduled for the first moments of the third quarter, I figured I’d stick around… now I won’t.  As you can see from the picture to the right, one of the biggest reveals is that Ravage is indeed in the movie, and for long time Transformer’s fans, this is major.  Course, he looks nothing like he did years ago, but oh well.

Without further ado, here is the commercial from YouTube, or you can download a high definition version here.

Well, there is no question it is a Michael Bay film… stuff is blowing up real pretty like.  While I know some of what is going on in these scenes, I will respect those people who wish to stay spoiler free.  For those who do want to know, I suggest you check out the Transformers Live Action blog for a breakdown of what you are seeing.  Overall it just looks like the first movie which means I’ll go see it and then complain about it, but would you expect any less from me at this point?

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