February 3 2009

Christian Bale Tirade

christian baleI’m not one usually for posting celebrity gossip, but this has to be heard to be believed.

Christian Bale, star of The Dark Knight, has long been rumored to have a temper, and on July 17th, 2008, while filming Terminator Salvation, it got caught on audio just how much of a temper he has. As he blows up at a crew member, the audio team had not stopped recording, and the tape has now been “leaked” to the press.  Please note there is a large amount of cursing in this audio clip, and it is distinctly not safe for work or children.

Christian Bale Freaks Out

I hate to say it, but I kinda see his point.  Yes, he could have handled it better, but as someone who isn’t big on being taken “out of the zone” while writing, I get it.  Have I ever gone off to this degree?  No, but I have been close a few times, and it’s why I tend to isolate myself when I write.  While my father was laid up for 6 weeks from his knee surgery, I exiled myself back to my fairly cold office to write at night, though I would have much rather been at home in my comfy chair, I did this for fear of snapping at someone for trying to talk to me while I worked.

Now, if the directory of photography (the “DP” he refered to in the clip) truly did wander in to his eye line during the filming of the scene, then, yes, the DP messed up.  And if, as Mr. Bale said, this wasn’t the first time he had done it, then, yes, he needed to be talked to… though a bit more calm might have been called for.  The director should have stepped in and taken care of it, but apparently he didn’t, or maybe Mr. Bale was just a bit quicker on the draw.

However, defend him as one might, this was also within days of when he was accused of getting violent with his mother and sister in London, so I think it is fairly safe to say he has some anger management issues.  It’s unfortunate that such a talented actor has these issues, and maybe this will be the catalyst for him finally getting some help.

As seems to be a trend with any celeb freak out, someone has made an angry dance remix of the audio.  I’ve embedded it below, and, yes, very not safe for work, you have been warned.

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