February 7 2009

Obama Coins Round 2

obamacoinnetworkThe Obama coin people with the laser printer are back… oh joy.

Remember the Obama Coin Collection I ranted about?  You know, the one Montel Williams was hawking on TV, and I was complaining about how it was obvious these people only slapped colored stickers on some normal coins?  Well, it seems they are back, which sickens me to think they sold enough of the last set to warrant doing another one.  Actually, as I was writing this, I checked the domain names out, and it appears they may actually be two different companies doing this now… oh that’s even better.

The new set puts colored stickers on four Kennedy half dollars, all of them celebrating inauguration day.  Although, technically, you only are buying three $.50 pieces, they throw in, “for free”, a fourth half dollar, a presentation folder and a color reproduction of the inaugural invitation.  How generous of them!  And each coin comes with a serial numbered certificate of authenticity, allowing you to prove to people for years that fell for this deal!

It saddens me that people try to take such advantage of people.  They portray these things as having great investment potential as a collectible, and all they are really doing is defacing some half dollars.  Depending on the quality of glue, these decals will pop off at some point if it is too cheap, and then you will be stuck with, well, $2 worth of coins that you paid ten times their value for.  Lucky you!

obamacoinnetwork 2The other part that disturbs me is the one coin pictured to the left here.  While the rest of the images they used seem to be public domain or official photos, this one of the actual swearing in is probably from a photo service, and even if it a person’s private photo, that doesn’t give them the right to use it.  I do not know anything 100% for sure about this image, and they may very well have obtained rights to use it, but it looks like the image used by several of the news agencies.  If this is a copyrighted image, it means that someone is possibly having their violated, and losing out on potential income.  Again, maybe they took the picture themselves… maybe they got permission… maybe they paid for it, but I still wonder.  Chalk itup to my random curiosity.

Hopefully some day offers like this will come to an end, but until they do, I will continue to point out their stupidity… or their cunning use of laser printers.

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