February 9 2009

Steve Wozniak On Dancing With The Stars Season 8

dwts2009The “celebrities” for season 8 of Dancing with the Stars have been announced, and what an odd crew they make.  From computer makers to formerly jailed rappers, they seem to have covered all of the bases this time around.

While I have discussed the show a few times before, I have never had a mad urge to blog about the actual non-pros that go on the show. However, when you throw Steve Wozniak on there, I almost feel obligated to do so.

For those unfamiliar with “Woz”, he co-founded Apple Computers with Steve Jobs, but he left the company to pursue his interests in being a philanthropist.  While I have a feeling he will be one of the first eliminated this season, there is still something oddly compelling about seeing one of the “Kings of the Geeks” out there dancing away.  I also think it is an interesting testimonial to how important computers have become in our lives that one of the original home computing people is now considered a “star”.

As for some of the others, I’m not that surprised by them, most of them are low tier celebs, but Jewel?  What the heck!  And Lil’ Kim?  Will she be able to stay out of jail long enough to finish the season?  Steve-O, well, apparently he’s sober now, but we’ll see.  While they grabbed some more recognizable names this time, they sure went with ones with checkered pasts, too.

I am also hopeful that perhaps we can skip all of the insanity over Cheryl Burke’s weight that we suffered through last time.  How dare that woman balloon all the way up to a size 4!  I am also sure Harold Wheeler and the Dancing with the Stars Band will be there to make me miserable with their butchered versions of songs.  Either way, I am sure I will “watch” (more like I only look up when someone is actually dancing) and find something to complain about.

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