February 16 2009

Coon Hunt 2009 Draws To A Close

raccoonListeners of my podcast, Scattercast, will be happy to know… COON HUNT 2009 IS OVER!

Peanut butter (non-tainted) is what finally got it.  We had placed it in the the trap around 6:15 PM, and by 8:10 PM… well, you can see the results to the right.  As I have been saying on the podcast, the trap is a “live trap” and causes the animal no harm beyond scaring them.  You can click the image for a much larger view.

This isn’t a fully grown adult, but it sure isn’t a baby either, so no taking it away from it’s mom, and highly unlikely it had any young ones of its own.  (No clue on the gender, and I wasn’t looking)  Hopefully the terrorizing of the cat is over, and also the tearing up of my warehouse attic!

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