February 17 2009

Time Names Mashable A Top 25 Blog

mashable logoWell, this was a pleasant surprise today.

Time came up with a list of the 25 Best Blogs 2009, and while they didn’t assign numbers, somewhere in that mass is my employers, Mashable.  You can read the entry about us here, and I have to say it’s interesting to see.  When you’re working on something day-in, day-out, it is sometimes difficult to know what is going on outside of your “cubicle”.  I quite often go days without even talking to my co-workers at the site as my particular assignments keep me pretty autonomous.  I get a batch of assignments, I write them one at a time, leave them notes on which ones are ready, and by the time they see that, I’m already on to the next one.

Working in such a manner can make it easy to forget sometimes that there is a whole world out there reading what we publish, and to wake up to something as auspicious as Time naming your company one of the 25 best in its field?  Well, it’s a bit humbling to say the least.  Don’t get me wrong, I am just one of the cogs in the machine at Mashable, there is a whole team of us that this honor goes out to, but it is still nice to notice someone is noticing our caffeine-fueled ramblings.  (Maybe this will finally bring in that coffee sponsorship editor-in-chief Adam Ostrow and I have long dreamed of…)

Do make sure to check out the full list of 25 as there are a lot of great blogs in there that are well worth your time.  And thank you to all of the loyal readers of Mashable for making this possible.  Well, and thank you to Pete Cashmore, the CEO of Mashable, for taking a chance on me back in July of 2007 when I joined the site.  Sure I had been a writer in print media before then, but let me tell you all, blogging is a whole different beast, but I’m glad I could play at least some small part in all of this.

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