February 18 2009

Deadliest Catch Season 5 Adds A New Boat

lisa marieAll of you who is waiting to learn the line-up of crab boats in Deadliest Catch season 5, we’ve just been thrown a curve ball.

Back in December  I speculated on which crab boats would appear in Deadliest Catch season 5 by working off the 6 ships of last season.  It was hard to guess which ships amongst Cornelia Marie, Early Dawn, North American, Northwestern, The Wizard or Time Bandit would make it out to the Bering Sea off of Alaska, let alone onto the show.  I did some digging, and Deadliest Reports found the official registery of all the ships that went out for opilio season, and all six of the season 4 ships are registered as being out there fishing.

The curve ball I mentioned came in the form of a blog post on the official blog of the show on Tuesday.  According to the post we will be introduced to the crew of the Lisa Marie.  You can see a picture of Captain Wade Henley and four of his crew members to the right here.  Apparently Lisa Marie is the smallest ship we will have been shown yet seeing as she can only carry 55 crab pots, well below the numbers we’re used to seeing on ships such as Cornelia Marie.  Beyond the captain’s name, number of crew and the pot count, I can not find any other information on this mystery ship.

Of course the biggest question is which, if any, of the other six ships will not be appearing on the show this season.  I think Cornelia Marie, Northwestern and Time Bandit will be on the show for as long as it exists, the other three are toss ups.  My hesitant guess is that Early Dawn is out, and replaced by Lisa Marie.  I just base this on the fact the Early Dawn has not really embraced being on the show like the other five ships of season 4 have, so I’m thinking they may have opted out of this season.

Introducing a ship that only carry 55 pots makes sense to me as we always see the ships pulling up 100+ pot strings, but how do you place your pots when you only have half od that in total?  Can you even afford to soak test pots?  I think they’ll have to just pick a spot and that’s it, that is where you’re fishing, so your captain better have chosen wisely.

The show will probably debut in April (last year it was April 15th), although there has been no firm date announced yet, but I’m sure I and all the other fans will be speculating on the ship roster from now until then.

UPDATE: Deadliest Catch Season 5 Premiere Announced

UPDATE 02/10/10Capt. Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie has passed away

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