February 19 2009

Rihanna Bruised Photo Hits The Internet

rihanna bruises photoThere are some things in this world that are inexcusable, and the beating of singer Rihanna by her boyfriend/singer Chris Brown is one of those.

While I have actually avoided this subject on purpose up until now, now that TMZ has released the first image of the beating Rihanna took at the hands of Christ Brown, I can not even fathom how anyone could defend something like this.  For those who missed it, it is reported tha Rihanna, 20-years-old at the time, got in an argument with her boyfriend, 19-year-old singer Chris Brown.  After that details get sketchy except that when the police arrived, Rihanna was sitting in Chris’ car in the passanger seat, and Chris Brown was gone.

She had been beaten, that much is definite, and Chris Brown had fled the scene.  After that there have been rumors of Rihanna having given Brown herpes, which died a quick rumor death.  There have been others saying that Brown got a text from Paris Hilton and that set her off, and on and on and on.  Who knows when, if ever, we will learn the true story, but does it really matter?

I got involved in some comments over on The Inquisitr where I said:

Unless Rihanna pulled a weapon on Brown there is NO excuse to hit a woman… EVER. I don’t care if she smacked him, I don’t care if she called him every name in the book, there is zero reason to hit a woman.

To say I have been shocked by the responses I have received would be to put it mildly.  You can go check them out for yourself, but essentially I have been given an endless list of reasons why hitting a woman is okay, and how some women deserve it.  I want every single person to look at the picture with this post, and then tell me this is okay.  I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman, this type of bahavior is never okay… ever.

I have come close to punching a woman exactly once in my life, but notice I said “close”.  Her gender was the first thing that stopped me, but the second thing was that I also realized that violence was not the answer to situation, and it never should be.  I really don’t care what Riahanna supposedly said to Chris Brown, I don’t even care if she did give him herpes, the thing to would have been:

  1. Pull over
  2. Tell her to get out and/or discuss it

No where in there should there have been hitting involved.  He also did himself no favors by fleeing the scene, that doesn’t exactly help his case, and it certainly doesn’t make him look innocent.

Again, I am not one for celeberity gossip in general, but this has nothing to do with gossip.  This image is a cold hard truth that a young person was beaten by someone they have been dating, and there is never an excuse for such an action, nor should there be.

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  • Regardless of gender and who threw the first punch so to speak, violence is never the answer. That should really be the point to drive home. What I think what we should be happy about is that, as far as we know, no one actually had a gun. Because since I'm jaded, someone probably would have wound up dead. With tempers violent enough to produce that kind of damage, it seems if a weapon was involved, it would have been used. People don't think before they act anymore… or maybe it's just the population I deal with at work.

    Anyway, I'm not surprised by the comments you're receiving. For some reason our society likes to blame the victim. You see it all the time in domestic violence and rape cases. It's something I will never understand – the "she was asking for it" defense.

    That's a pretty horrible photo. I hope she recovers quickly. It's sad that this part of her private life is such big news.

  • Meaghan

    I'm very sorry to see that this kind of stuff is still happening, regardless of whether its male-male, female-female, male-female, and vice versa. Not surprised, but sad.

    All I have to say is what I've always said when it comes to matters of domestic violence: if you hit me, you'd better kill me… because you've got to sleep sometime.

  • De R.

    I usually believe that people are *born* gay. But after reading some of the comments you received, I am now convinced that some women CHOOSE to go lesbian. Those are not men that commented back to you, they are pathetic, SAVAGE, scumbags. Let a man hit me.. I dare one to… I will gladly skip my merry behind off to jail when I am through with him.